When dirt, asphalt, mud, grease, grime, or fire gets you down, we offer rebuild services for your VDL:


We do not rebuild cores to VDL specifications.

  • Complete disassembly of carburetor
  • Hot vat cleaning of main pieces
  • Recoated to original luster
  • Base plate bead-blasted and vibratory-polished
  • Worn parts replaced as needed
  • All specifications checked for accuracy
  • Reassembled with new gaskets
  • Tested on flow bench

All 2-barrels $250 + parts
All 4-barrles $350 + parts


Rebuild kits are also available and include the following parts:

Needle & seat(s) with top and bottom gaskets, power valve(s) with gasket, diaphragm(s),

rubber check valve(s), sight hole plug gasket(s), idle screw seals,

pump nozzle gaskets, bowl screw gaskets,

float bowl and metering block gasket(s), and base plate gasket

350 cfm $30.00

500 cfm  $30.00
390 cfm  $51.00
600 cfm  $51.00
650 cfm  $51.00
750 cfm  $51.00

             Big Bore    $51.00

             650/750 on alcohol  $92.00         



Cracked base plate?  Cross-threaded bowl?  Blown power valve?

All replacement parts are available to fit your needs.

Buy 1 or 100, bare or complete


To return your carburetor for a rebuild:

  1. Remove all attachments: air cleaner stud, inlets, fuel logs, return spring brackets, throttle stops, etc.
  2. Please drain all the fuel out of your carburetor.
  3. Pack the carburetor tightly in the box so it does not move.  Provide extra packing material under and around the carburetor to protect the throttle shaft(s) and bowl(s).
  4.  Click Here to download our return form.  Please send this form in the box with the carburetor.