You Guys Rock!

You Guys Rock!

First night out with new carb, hit rev limiter in hot laps, we had never done that before!  Then wins his heat race.  Starts inside 2nd row in the 20 lap feature, leads the race for a few laps, gets passed and beats the bumper off the leader until 2 laps to go, takes the lead back and gets passed on the last lap in the last corner for a 2nd place finish.  Very happy with the new carb.  My boy had a new stock car chassis built for this year and it has been working very well, hoping this new carb is that little bit we have been missing.  Looks like it might be!

Thank you from Harlan Pundt, my boy Jeremy, and our 52J racing fans!

IMCA Stock Car, Iowa


Thanks VDL.  This is my second carb from you guys.  The first was a 2 barrel a few years ago.  It has been awesome and still on my open motor.  Looking forward to this one on the Crate.  You guys rock!


Chris Frisbie

#17 Modified

Sunset Speedway Park, Oregon


Hi, my name is JR Flores.  I recently purchased a 650 HP from VDL because of last minute tinkering on racer.  I stripped the squirter nozzle screws on my last VDL carb and it was all last minute rushing trying to find a carb.  I wanted to thank you guys for speedy service and the lady that helped me was the nicest lady ever and I appreciate that.  Anyways, that following race I won my first heat race for the year and almost had 1st place in main but right rear trailing arm bracket broke.

Thank you so much VDL…

JR Flores

IMCA Northern Sport Mod, Idaho

**JR had stripped both pump nozzle threads on his old VDL 4777 and we were ready to do the repair quickly by installing a thread insert specifically machined for that location.  With the high cost of overnight freight from Idaho to Alabama and back again, and with the lack of time, he opted to purchase a new VDL 80541 / 650 HP which we built and shipped the next day.  Sounds like the investment paid off!


Thanks for you help!  I will probably just sell the 650 I have at the end of the season and buy a new one from you.  I originally heard about you guys through Tiry’s Race Engines in Ripon WI back in 2012, and I asked my old boss Dave Watson if he had heard of you and he said “oh yeah!” and he had me call you right away so he could talk to ya.  That was when I ordered my 4412 from you guys and I loved it.  I really appreciate the help again and I really liked your article on spark plugs and fuel for the crate engines.  I never gave any thought to having resistor plugs vs non-resistor plugs.  Most racers here are using an Iridium $8.99 resistor plug.  Now I’m using the non-resistor plug you recommended and it’s way cheaper!

Thanks, Rich Hinerichsen, RVO Motorsports, Illinois


Thanks for a great carburetor!  Win first night out at Three Palms Speedway!

Joey Sims, Pro Late Model, Florida


May 19, 2015

Hi, my name is Chad Hinkle and I run a super late model with a 604 crate motor in it at South Sound Speedway in Olympia, Washington.  It is a 3/8 mile paved oval.  I would like you to make my carb a VDL please.  I ran one you built for Jeff Knight and it was a big difference from this one….

June 15, 2015

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for my carburetor re-build.  We race a late model at South Sound Speedway, we put the new piece on my 604 crate and we were in a different zip code!  We set a new track record and won the main from the back.  We checked the float level and that was it, it was perfect.  Thank you much.

Sincerely, Chad Hinkle


Dan, thank you so much last month for the critical info you gave us in regards to timing and proper spark plugs in our 602 crate Sport Mod.  We are running the Holley 650 but it will be sent in after this season for a VDL rebuild.  You and your wife need to be commended for taking your precious time and consulting with me in regards to questions I had, as if I was a long time VDL customer.  Our engine never ran better after you gave us the info.  We are VDLized all the way.

Sincerely, Bill Hall

Algona Marine & Sport, Iowa