5 Time IMCA Stock Car National Champion

Here are the numbers for the 2015 season: 57 starts 39 wins 8 2nd place 50 top 5 5 DNF 3 track championships   Who is that man with the big smile? Let us introduce Mike Nichols, the all-time win leader in IMCA Stock Car and 5-time National Champion!  Racing has always been a family affair, and he started out in go-karts with mom and dad as the crew.  The next step was an outlaw Hobby Stock; and then he took a big leap up to IMCA and won his first national championship in 2002.  Today he holds 24 career IMCA track titles, 374 lifetime wins, and 4 more National Championships.  This year, he missed the National trophy by only 4 points! This humble giant always says:  “I know you’ve heard me say this before.  If you surround yourself with the best people, you will achieve the best results.”  His VDL 4412 carburetor is definitely the best!

McCoy Wins All

Billy McCoy of Belvidere IL purchased a VDL 4412 this past summer; and his driver, Brett McCoy, started winning races.  Rockford Speedway is a high-banked quarter mile oval in the middle of America and a member of NASCAR All-American Weekly Racing Series.  Brett is now the Rockford Speedway 2015 Sportsman Champion, and he also scooped up the All-American Sportsman Dash Points.

Fastest on Dirt

‘Smooth as silk and violent as a volcano’ is the only way to describe a Modified on the dirt.  Will Thomas kept it smooth all season to win the 2015 Modified Track Championship at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio.  His engine builder, Jason Ore of 955 Automotive in Erie PA, is a firm believer in VDL; and his carburetor of choice for Will was our Holley 80528-1.450.  This carburetor has the smooth throttle response of a 750, and yet offers the ground-shaking power of a 950. Congratulations, Team 9!

You Guys Rock!

First night out with new carb, hit rev limiter in hot laps, we had never done that before!  Then wins his heat race.  Starts inside 2nd row in the 20 lap feature, leads the race for a few laps, gets passed and beats the bumper off the leader until 2 laps to go, takes the lead back and gets passed on the last lap in the last corner for a 2nd place finish.  Very happy with the new carb.  My boy had a new stock car chassis built for this year and it has been working very well, hoping this new carb is that little bit we have been missing.  Looks like it might be! Thank you from Harlan Pundt, my boy Jeremy, and our 52J racing fans! IMCA Stock Car, Iowa ————————————————————————————————————————— Thanks VDL.  This is my second carb from you guys.  The first was a 2 barrel a few years ago.  It has been awesome and still on my open motor.  Looking forward to this one on the Crate.  You guys rock! Thanks, Chris Frisbie #17 Modified Sunset Speedway Park, Oregon ————————————————————————————————————————— Hi, my name is JR Flores.  I recently purchased a 650 HP from VDL because of last minute tinkering on racer.  I stripped the squirter [...]

Thread Maintenance

One of the mandatory steps in maintaining a race car should always be putting a wrench on every bolt before every race, and that includes the carburetor.  All you need is a Phillips screwdriver, a straight blade screwdriver, a 5/16 nut driver, and a 1″ wrench.  The body, bowl, and block of your Holley carburetor are typically cast moldings of zinc alloy (unless you have billet aluminum pieces) and the threads for each screw must be respected.  Torqued is not the goal here, just tight!  Healthy gaskets will make the seal just fine so resist the urge to over tighten. Stripped or crossed threads do not have to be a part of your racing experience, and we would like to offer some tips to prevent and/or repair this problem.  Below is a list of sizes for every threaded hole in your carburetor; however, the bowl and base plate screws are the only holes that can be helicoiled and all other threads can only be improved by chasing them with the correct tap.  Please be mindful of any shavings created and blow out the area with compressed air.  Follow the footnotes for more information about certain screws. ¹Bowl screw                          [...]

2014 was a great year!

  Congratulations to all the VDL champions of 2014!  We are proud of your hard work and are thankful to have been a part of each winning team. We also celebrate all the second places, all the first wins, all the efforts of those who dared to be great . . . . Theodore Roosevelt said “the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds . .”  Here’s to the new year and the new season to strive again!   This is Austin “Bullitt” Blais from Seekonk Speedway in Massachuesetts.  His Street Stock team racked up 6 wins, took second in the final points, and missed the championship by 50 points.   Driver Scotty Kay and car owner Dennis Walker celebrated their first win November 1 at Hendry County Motorsports Park in Florida:  “We finished the car Friday night, went Saturday to the local race, shook down the car, won the heat and feature against 18 cars and 5 of the best local [...]

Dear VDL,

Hi, my name is Chris Marek and I race at Elko Speedway in Minnesota where I have raced and won a good amount of races and championships in the Hornet cars, Power Stock, and Sportsman.  In the past two seasons, I have been running in the Big 8 class where I have also found success.  This last season my team and I won the championship at Elko Speedway along with 8 feature wins for the season.  We entered the Big 8 race at Elko as the series made its stop here and again found success setting fast time and winning the main event.  With one more race left for the year, we went to LaCrosse Speedway in Wisconsin for the Octoberfest weekend.  That is weekend is one I will never forget.  We timed in second fast out of 60 cars and won the Big 8 feature Saturday night.  On Sunday, we entered the OJ Mac 63 race, a 3 twenty-one lap segment race.  I won two of the three and took second in the third, winning the overall. With that said, I just wanted to write to your company and say thanks for providing me with what I think to [...]

You Can Be a Champion, Too, in 2014 with VDL!

   Picture this:  Last race of the season (and it’s a big one!), 50 teams from 9 states, 46 of them attempting to qualify, then 75 laps on the tight 3/8 mile Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway against 25 other ready-to-win Modifieds; and you’ve got the Lucas Oil West Coast Short Track Championship Race.  It was Matt Hicks’ night to brag, and VDL is proud to be a part of his team.  “It’s an awesome carburetor,” said Matt as he took the Budweiser Fast Time Award, then took the race lead at lap 11, and never looked back. The VDL 80528 / 750 HP carburetor is a bolt on, ready to win carburetor that can get your team to the front of the pack, too.  Get ready for 2014 with more horsepower and better drivablility.  Congratulations to Matt Hicks and all the VDL Champions!    


Two Barrel Carbs, Tire Rules, and Racers on a Budget Prove “Myth” Unlikely by Kari Shear-Carlson Sep 26, 2013- The ARCA Midwest Tour presented by Scag Power Equipment and Lester Buildings takes pride in the success they have built over the years in trying to control costs in a high level series. Often times the “myth” about a series being too expensive can float around the racing scene, but when it comes down to the facts, dollar for dollar, the series has done a great job erasing that myth. So where does the myth begin? “We aren’t sure how it all gets started, but usually it’s shop talk,” said series President Tim Olson. “The cars all cost the same money to build, and the travel to an event is still the same, so we try to make a difference in our pay scale to be one of the best in the industry. We focus heavily on our Touring Star program bonuses and our cash and product contingency plans. When they start adding it up, they begin to realize that the ARCAMT is where they need to be. The competition is so tough in the Tour, and it makes good drivers great,” added Olson. Drivers [...]

Sizzlin’ Summer for Rookies

   Jesse Leiby, and his dad John, campaign a DIRT Sportsman at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middleton, NY – and were so proud to announce their first win!  His VDL 4412 attacked that 5/8 mile of dirt and clay, and came out on top!      Across the country in Washington state, 15 year old Cody Walker went to the bank with his first big event win at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval.  He and his dad GW compete on the fastest 1/4 mile in the Northwest in the NW Pro4 Alliance series.  His VDL 4412 brought that 4 cylinder 240 hp engine to life!      Davey Coble is on a hot streak this summer at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway in the Pro Late Model division.  He and his dad Jerry run a Ford Blue Oval with a VDL 650 HP carburetor and scored their first win of the season after the carburetor was rebuilt in the VDL shop.  Davey is holding the points lead with one more race on the schedule!      Kevin Aberle won the first race of the season at Hudson Speedway in New Hampshire with his Rookie Stock, but then hit a streak of bad luck.  Kevin sent his VDL [...]